What's New with Bruce The Technologist

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What's New with Me and My Web Site

As you visit my website, you will see changes happening in my academic life, especially my doctoral journey. These adjustments will act as a motivating factor for my journey on becoming a research scholar practitioner and an agent of social change.  

Ph.D. at Walden University

I started my Doctor of Philiosophy (Ph.D.) degree in Education,  specializing in Educational Technology at Walden University on June 1, 2009. On May 31, 2012 I completed three years of this post graduate or advanced degree program .


This 20-coursework program of study, including the dissertation coursework paper, is expected to be completed between five and eight years. To date, May 31, 2012, I have successfully completed 18 courses (72 credits); and effective June 4, 2012 I will be on 90 days leave of absence (LOA) from my studies until September 4, 2012.


On my resumption in the Fall of 2012, I am expected to start the dissertation process by submitting a prospectus of my dissertation and/or a dissertation proposal to my mentor/chair of my dissertation committee by the end of the Fall Quarter, November 25, 2012.


After an approved dissertation prospectus, I am expected to pursue my final research course, as it relates to my dissertation proposal, be it the advanced quantitative research, advanced qualitative research, or advanced mixed methods research. I plan to take this advanced research course during the 2012 Winter Doctoral Quarter that begins December 3, 2012 and ends February 24, 2013. Thereafter, I will spend the remainder of my doctoral program working on my dissertation, leading up to my pending graduation of 2014.       


In addition to the 19 courses and the doctoral thesis (dissertation), I have to participate in 4 doctoral academic residencies, to fulfill the criteria. To date, I have successfully attended and participated in 3 Ph.D residencies: Residency 1 (Doctoral Networking) in Jacksonville, Florida, during the 2009 Fall Quarter, Residency 2 (Scholarly Research) in San Diego, California, and Residency 3 (Dissertatiom Prospectus and Proposal) again in San Diego, California. I plan to attend Residency 4 (Final Residency) in the summer of 2013 when I have completed between 60 to 80 percent of my dissertation.


Walden University's pending graduation date for me is May 2014. I hope to meet the doctoral requirement by that date or sooner.